The Department of Political Affairs is one of the core Departments in the Ministry tasked with the coordination, articulation and the implementation of Zambia’s Foreign Policy. The Department is the main advisory unit for Zambia’s Foreign Policy on matters relating to socio-political events and developments.
The main objectives of the Department include:

  • To co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of Zambia’s Foreign Policy in order to ensure its relevance, consistency and the achievement of set objectives; and
  • Enhance relations with the international community in order to promote and protect Zambia’s interests.

Structure of the Department

The Department of Political Affairs is headed by a Director and is divided into four (4) sections. Each section is headed by an Assistant Director who in turn is assisted by First Secretaries and Second Secretaries.  The sections are divided as follows: –

  • Africa, African Union, and the Middle East. This section also covers the peace and security committees of COMESA, SADC, and ICGLR;
  • Americas and the Caribbean;
  • Asia and the Pacific Region; and
  • European Affairs which also covers the European Union.