Human Resource 3


The Department of Human Resource and Administration is responsible for the development and management of human resource and provision of administrative and logistical support services in order to facilitate effective and efficient performance of the Ministry. The Department is headed by the Director who is assisted by two (2) Assistant Directors responsible for Administration and Human Resource Management and Development Sections respectively.

The Department is also responsible for the following seven (7) Units:

  1. Accounting;
  2. Procurement and Supplies ;
  3. Internal Audit;
  4. Planning and Information;
  5. Legal; and
  6. Communication;
  7. Public Relations

 The Functions of the Department are:

  1. Management and development of Human Resources in order to enhance the performance of the Ministry;
  2. To coordinate policy formulation, planning, monitoring and evaluation OF the Ministry’s projects and programmes in order to ensure effective implementation and attainment of set objectives.
  3. Provision of administrative and other logistical support to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services;
  4. Facilitation of an appropriate administrative framework for Career Diplomatic Service in order to enhance Professionalism and service delivery;
  5. Establishment, maintenance of an Information and Communication Management System in order to facilitate easy access to information and enhance decision-making on technical, human resource and administrative issues;
  6. Planning and development of foreign relations programmes in order to facilitate the development of effective planning and development strategies;
  7. Planning of Ministerial Infrastructure and logistical development; and
  8. Effective management of the Ministerial finances