Web Portal for Zambians in the Diaspora Launched


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched the Diaspora Web Portal, an online platform that will serve as a vital source of information on Government policies, programme, regulations, procedures, viable investment and trade opportunities and other initiatives, for Zambians abroad.


Hon. Mulambo Haimbe, SC, M.P, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation presided over the ceremony which took place, in collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), in Lusaka.


In his remarks to mark the operationalisation of the portal, Hon. Haimbe noted that the Diaspora community is a vibrant channel of transformation that serves as a tangible vehicle for facilitating the transfer of critical resources, technology, knowledge, and ideas back to the home country.


The Minister emphasised the pivotal role of the Diaspora to Zambia’s strategic development, including the noteworthy contributions that have already emerged in areas such as philanthropy, knowledge and skills transfer, and investments.

The Minister expressed profound gratitude to the IOM for its steadfast support which had led to the actualisation of web portal.

He highlighted the Zambian Government’s appreciation of the significant contributions made by the Zambian Diaspora, as evidenced by the recognition of their immeasurable value by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia who rightfully declared the Diaspora community as the 11th province of Zambia.


Hon. Haimbe underscored the Government’s resolve to foster a sense of belonging with Zambians abroad. This commitment has led to the creation of this important platform aimed at encouraging the Diaspora’s participation in information sharing and exchange, that will ultimately elevate the quality and quantity of global knowledge circulation in Zambia.


The portal is a vibrant hub that invites skilled professionals, businesspeople and creative entrepreneurs, aspiring students, diligent migrant workers, and the spirited second-generation Diaspora. It is meant to contribute, connect, and champion Zambia’s development and, thus, empower the Diaspora to be architects of their own destiny.

Additionally, the Minister urged the Zambian Diaspora to actively utilise the web portal and  I urge you all to fill in the digital registration form, using the provisions available, so that we ensure a consistent flow of information and strengthen the bonds that unite Zambians in the motherland and in the Diaspora.


The Minister expressed gratitude to all the stakeholders who played a role in conceptualising and building the Zambian Diaspora Web Portal.


In her opening remarks, Ms. Etambuyu Anamela Gundersen, Permanent Secretary International Relations and Cooperation noted that the Government is pursuing a deliberate policy of Economic Diplomacy and further urged the Zambian Diaspora to be part of the process of selling brand Zambia.


The portal can be accessed on https://www.zambiadiaspora.org/.


In attendance, on a virtual platform, during the meeting were Zambians in the Diaspora.